Eat Cambridge

This year’s Eat Cambridge ran from the 9th to the 25th of May.

The opening dinner was on Friday the 9th at Fitzbillies. Steak and Honour’s Leo Riethoff and Jack (of Gelato fame) served a special “school dinner”, supper club style. As we entered the restaurant we grabbed a bag of pork scratchings and “umami seeds” from the “tuck shop” and took our seats. The first course was asparagus with duck egg and anchovi which was a lovely and fresh start. The main was a deep fried ballontine of chicken with mash and French style peas. A superb rice pudding to share with stewed strawberries and chocolate/caramel sauce was the dessert. All this was a lot of fun.

The street food market was outside Inder’s Kitchen in the Clifton Road industrial estate on Saturday the 10th of May. This was again a huge success but suffered somewhat from the very small space. Hopefully a larger space can be found for next year.

The main event (food and drink fair, talks and surprises) was at the Corn Exchange on Saturday the 17th and just as busy as last year’s at the Guildhall. Again, there was a huge range of produce and products from Cambridgeshire. The talks were again informative and well attended.

A few notes on the fringe events:

– Mark Poynton’s cooking demo at the Cambridge Cookery School was fun and informative with delicious samples (asparagus and quail)

– My food photography workshop was a success and the participants produced a number of excellent shots. There will be a separate blog post if I find the time. I know now that I’ll need more time when I run another one.

– The wine and cheese tasting run by Bacchanalia and the Cambridge Cheese Company was a fun evening out and featured excellent cheeses and wines.

– The Franglais Kitchen supper club was brilliant again. Those two definitely can cook!

Photos from this year:

Photos from last year:

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