Cooking: Home-made pork scratchings

I have had this sort of scratching at restaurants and always wondered how they get them so light and crispy, so unlike the hard, chunky ones you get in little bags at the pub. I read up on it and saw someone on Food Network make it and found it’s really easy, there is just quite a bit of waiting involved.

I bought some belly pork from my butcher, took off the skin and boiled it for an hour or so. After it had cooled down a bit, I scraped off any remaining fat/meat (you can season and eat it) and dehydrated it on a rack on the lowest setting in the oven. This took about a day but I don’t have a dehydrator which would work quicker.

Then I cut the skin into pieces and deep fried them in oil at 180°. They puff up and curl. The result is a really crispy and light scratching as there is hardly any fat left. I just seasoned mine with a little salt but you can try other flavour combinations, I guess.

Home made pork scratchings

Here’s one of them in action:


4 thoughts on “Cooking: Home-made pork scratchings

    • These are a bit different from crackling as there’s hardly any fat left. These have the same texture as the blisters you get on crackling.
      Hm, not sure what happened there. The video should work now.

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