[Dining] Dinner at The Olive Grove, Cambridge

The Olive Grove is a relatively new Greek restaurant at the far end of Regent St. I’d been once late last year for a quick meal and enjoyed it so wanted to go back for a full meal last Monday.

Marinaded octopus

I started with the pickled octopus tentacle which was served cold. The texture was quite firm but not chewy with excellent flavour. I nicked some of my companion’s tzatziki to go with it, which worked well.

As main we both had the moussaka. There is no photo because it would just have been a brown bake in an earthenware dish. The taste, however, was superb, very meaty, the aubergine was great as was the bechamel on top.


We had heard good things about the baklava so ordered both a slice. Slightly different than usual, i.e. not a multitude of thin layers of filo pastry with nuts and honey in between, this was more like a pie, i.e. a filled pastry crust. Quite sticky but not horribly sweet. Lovely.

Yoghurt, walnuts, minted honey

The kitchen was kind enough to let us try a new variation of a classic Greek dessert, yoghurt, walnut and honey, the difference being that the honey was boiled with mint which balanced the sweetness of the honey. Much lighter than the baklava, this would easily fit in after a heavier meal.

On my first visit, I had the skewered lamb loin which was well cooked, tender and just pink.

Monday’s meal for two, three courses each without drinks (the bottle of red we had was kindly provided by the restaurant) came to just under 50 pounds which is perfectly acceptable for the location. You can easily have much worse dinners in Cambridge for that amount.

Greek restaurants are quite rare in the UK and definitely in Cambridge (unlike, say, in Germany) so The Olive Grove is a welcome addition to the Cambridge restaurant scene and I will definitely be back as there are many more interesting options on the menu I want to try.

Many thanks to George and his team for looking after us so well that night.


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