[Cooking] Venison steak, stewed red onions, mash

Finally another cooking post!
Yesterday, my butcher had some venison steaks, an offer I couldn’t resist. At home, I marinaded them in rapeseed oil, ground pepper, allspice and thyme for about five hours in the fridge.
I started with the onions by cutting them into wedges and separating those into layers, sweated them off in butter. When softened a bit, I added about a glass of red wine and a good glug of balsamic vinegar, half a Knorr beef stock pot, salt and pepper and let them bubble away gently for about an hour with the lid on.
Next I made a simple potato mash with milk and butter.
I scraped the spices and herbs off the meat, fried the steaks gently in rapeseed oil for about three minutes each side until there they had a nice crust, basted them with a generous knob of butter and then transferred them to a low oven to finish for about 10 minutes.
I moved the stewed onions to the meat pan to deglaze it and reduce the liquid to a sauce to which I added the resting juices from the steak.

Venison steak, stewed red onions, mash
Venison steak, stewed red onions, mash

As you can see from the photo, the sauce had a wonderful consistency and had a nice sheen to it. The meat was on the spot, too, tender and juicy. I was very happy with how this meal came out, especially as the meat had been a bargain (under a fiver for two chunky steaks).


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