Another Dinner at The Hole in the Wall

I just realised I hadn’t written about my latest visit to The Hole in the Wall a couple of weeks ago. With two different friends this time, we arrived on a nice early summer evening and were seated right next to the bar which provided ample light. Again, the menu made our selection hard as everything on it sounded rather tempting indeed.

Crayfish skagen
As it was recommended to my by friends, I chose the “Crayfish Skagen” to start, a modern take on the classic prawn cocktail. Applied liberally to the wonderfully crusty sourdough bread, this was a pleasure to eat, perfectly seasoned without overwhelming the flavour of the crayfish.

Sole, sea vegetables
For main, I picked the steamed sole with sea vegetables and potatoes. The fish was well cooked and seasoned, and the rest of the plate worked perfectly with it. As always at the Hole, it was a very generous portion and very good value at £17

My friends were equally happy with their chicken on lime risotto:
Supreme of chicken, lemon risotto
and rump of lamb:
Rump of lamb

And then, the glorious finale (we all had the same):
Salted caramel choolate pot
Salted caramel chocolate pot, with chocolate sorbet and shortbread on the side. Rich chocolate, made even richer by the expertly judged salted caramel so the whole thing was not too sweet. Due to the rather warm room, the chocolate sorbet quickly melted but that was not much of an issue as we could dip the stars of the evening into it, the (in)famous doughnuts:
The famous doughnuts
I had heard many a friend praise their lightness and flavour and indeed they were outstanding. I described them as “deep-fried air” as there really was not much too chew inside the crispy shell, they just melted in your mouth. Apparently, our Uhh- and Aahhing was noticed and we were served a second helping, so in the end we had two each. The banana parfait in the small pan was nice as well but I preferred the chocolate.

It is a shame this fine restaurant/free house is a bit out of the way for those of us without a car or I would visit a lot more often. The tastefully renovated building with its low ceilings and even lower exposed beams (there are areas where even I at 1.70m height have to stoop) has a lot of character and provides a homely atmosphere, service is efficient and friendly amd food and drink are excellent.


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