Goat steak and kidneys, asparagus

The third special treat this weekend was some goat. I picked up a steak and three kidneys.
I trimmed the kidneys and seared the chunks before adding some lamb stock to the pan and covering it to finish, seasoning with salt and pepper before serving.
The steak I had marinaded in olive oil, rosemary and garlic for about six hours and then simply pan-fried it to medium, letting it rest while I warmed the kidneys.
I served the steak with the kidneys spooned over, blanched asparagus and crushed potatoes (which didn’t make it into the photo).

Goat steak and kidneys

I really liked the taste, similar but a bit stronger than lamb but not overly so. As it’s also a bit leaner than lamb, it’s quite surprising goat is not available more widely.


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