Spicy chicken thighs with roasted leeks

Last night I finally cooked something that looked good enough to post and I had not really blogged before. I had picked up a few free range chicken thighs from the Art of Meat on Saturday and marinaded them in African Volcano for about eight hours, adding a bit of salt just before cooking. I split three small leeks lenghtwise and put them cut side up in a roasting tray, seasoning with salt and pepper. On top of that I put a rack with the thighs and shoved it in the oven at about 220 degrees for half an hour. The skin had crisped nicely with most of the fat rendered onto the leeks below basting them.


I just served them like that with some sourdough rye toast. The meat was soft and wonderfully juicy, the leeks equally soft and infused with chicken and peri peri flavours. I was very happy with this dish that took all of five minutes to prep.


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