A first visit to Aromi

Aromi, the new Sicilian cafe in Cambridge (in Bene’t Street, on the corner next to the Arts Theatre) finally opened today. I made it there just in time for them to unlock the front door.
The counter is divided into savoury (various filled ciabatta sandwiches, pizette, arancini and other snacks) and sweet (cannoli, open pastries, truffles and other delicious looking things).
I hadn’t had breakfast so I wanted something sweet and the cannoli looked just like what I was looking for:

Cannoli at Aromi

The crunchy pastry combined with the smooth filling (from the top, ricotta, cream and chocolate mousse) was a joy if a little bit messy to eat. The macchiato was one of the best I’ve had so their claim of looking after their coffee well is also justified.

It was rather busy when I had finished my breakfast so I did not go back for savoury seconds. I will be back on Tuesday evening before I go to the theatre. I am going to find out then if they also cook some of the savoury items to order or you just pick them up from the cold counter.

A short note on the layout: The counter where you order your food and pay is right at the front and there is not much space in which to queue so those waiting stand between the tables on street level and you need to squeeze past the queue when you leave. At busy times (and I anticipate times to be rather busy as word spreads) this might be a bit inconvenient but I don’t see how they could remedy the situation without removing some of the tables. There is, however, also seating in the basement.

There were a few service niggles which were entirely forgivable in the first minutes of opening (they started serving others while I was still waiting to pay after receiving my orders and I had to remind them twice) but I have no doubt Aromi will be a fantastic addition to the independent café scene in Cambridge.


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