Dinner at Brasserie Chavot

Brasserie Chavot only opened last month to rave reviews so I was eager to try it and jumped at the opportunity when a friend was looking for someone to share a table reservation he had acquired at short notice. The brasserie is a long, narrow room with pretty mosaic tiles on the floor and dark wooden furniture and wall panelling. This makes the room a bit dim but it was enough to see our food clearly. The menu is rustic French with a few more modern dishes.


For starter, I had the snails which were served in a glass bowl in a thick sauce with meatballs, covered with a layer of potato espuma, basically an aerated mash. The snails were perfectly cooked and not chewy at all, very good indeed.

Rump of venison

For main I had chosen the rump of venison which was served with a well reduced jus, savoy cabbage and a few sauteed potatoes, served in a casserole dish. The meat was cooked medium rare (not rare as the waitress had suggested it would be but that was fine) and had excellent flavour.

Rum Baba

The portions being as big as they were, I was feeling rather full already but couldn’t possibly leave without dessert. Hoping the Rum Baba would be light, we both ordered it. It was indeed light and moist and had a nice rum punch to it. Served with very thinly sliced pineapple and chantilly cream, it was a nice whay to end. It did, however, defeat me and I had to leave a bit behind.

I really enjoyed my meal and my companion raved about his as well. He had chosen the soft shell crab as starter and the choucroute for main. I was thinking of ordering the choucroute but was still porked out from the Dingley Dell dinner and went for a leaner option.

If well cooked, rustic French food is your thing, I can only recommend Brasserie Chavot. Considering its Mayfair location it isn’t exactly cheap but you certainly feel like you received value for money when you’re rolling out the door, full and content.


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