Dingley Dell Flying Visit at Tuddenham Mill, 17/04/13

This month’s Dingley Dell Flying Visit took place at Tuddenham Mill in Suffolk.
First on the schedule was a stroll around the meadow led by John Rose of Botanica to see if we could find some forageable plants. Due to the late season there wasn’t much but there was some. John was a font of knowledge not just on the edibility of plants and herbs but also their historical and medicinal uses.

Foraging with John Rose of Botanica

Back at the Mill, a selection of canapés prepared by head chef Paul Foster and his brigade were served: crackling with pea mousse, chickpea wavers, potato skins and Jersey Royals with bacon and avocado. All were excellent and a good indication of what was to come. I didn’t take photos as it turned out juggling a drink, a canape and a camera was beyond my hands’ capacity.
After the traditional introductions by Mark of Dingley Dell Farm and a butchery demonstration during which Thom took apart half a pig in about fifteen minutes, we made our way to the dining room upstairs. There two long communal tables had been set up. We picked our seats and didn’t have to wait long for the first course to arrive:

Mark Poynton: Pork liver parfait, trotter, hazelnuts

Mark Poynton‘s dish was a variation of the one he created for the last event at Corpus Christi College: pork liver parfait, slow cooked trotter meat, pickled mushrooms and chopped roasted hazelnuts. The parfait was soft and creamy, the meat well flavoured and the mushrooms brought everything together.

Eric Snaith: BBQ shoulder, head fritter

Next up was Eric Snaith of Titchwell Manor with BBQ shoulder, head fritter, in a spicy dashi broth. The smoky shoulder meat worked really well with the spicy broth.

Ben Spalding: Belly flavoured with spicy chocolate ketchup

Ben Spalding was next with a superb belly dish: flavoured with spicy chocolate ketchup and served with yogurt (), orzo grains and grapes. This was my favourite dish of the night, soft meat, nice crackling and great, harmonising flavours.

Paul Foster: Poached shoulder

Paul Foster‘s dish was a slab of poached shoulder with broccoli, crispy millet and “pig face hash”. While the shoulder was great, it was the hash that made the dish for me as I just adore slow cooked “cheap” cuts of meat.

Matt Gillan‘s dessert, “Pig in …”, put a smile on everybody’s faces:

Matt Gillan: Like a Pig in...

The pink chocolate pig’s head was filled with salted caramel and in the “tub” were pistachio sponge, apple mousse, apple jelly, hazelnuts, puff pastry, Guillermo, white chocolate and bacon. Not too sweet, soft, fruity and crunchy. A perfect, light dessert.

Piggy Fours

The “piggy fours” divided opinion a bit, especially the smoked bacon fudge which was certainly an acquired taste. The pine jelly was good but everybody’s favourite were the Alexander truffles.

This was the third of these Flying Visits I have attended and I think it was the best one yet. The next one is going to be in London on the 20th of May and it’s going to be another big one.

A few more photos below and still more on flickr.

Paul Foster on his kitchen balcony

Foraging with John Rose of Botanica

Thom and half a pig

Dingley Dell fact cards

Eric Snaith and Paul Foster

Many thanks to Jean-Luc Benazet (click the link for his official photos) for the lift and Ant for the company.


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