#CamShopLocal challenge – My result

Yesterday was the last day of the #CamShopLocal challenge (going without shopping at supermarkets for a week) and it turned out it was a lot easier than I thought, even with the Easter holidays when most indies close.
Part of it it was that I ate out three times during this week, not to avoid having to find food at home but because I was at the cinema on Tuesday, the First Rule supper club on Friday and the Alimentum supper club on Sunday, all activities that had been planned/scheduled ahead of time.
On Wednesday I bought some veg at Al Noor for dinner and on Thursday my regular box from Riverford arrived which provided me with enough veg for the weekend and a good part of this week, too. I had enough store cupboard ingredients (pasta, couscous, rice, muesli), too.

The only not local/indie source I used was milk and juice from Dairy Crest (my regular delivery) but at least I didn’t buy them at a supermarket and I’m not sure where I would be able to get fresh milk, anyway.

On Saturday I did a big shop at Daily Bread again: dry and tinned goods and, most importantly, loo roll and washing up liquid, the former being the most important domestic essential. Four rolls of “eco” toilet paper was 1.99 so around the same price for good paper at a supermarket.
Lunches during the week were either dinner leftovers from the previous evening, a baguette/ciabatta from the Norfolk Street Deli van which comes to the office every day and a pie from the food4food community café across the road.

It turned out that I did most of my shopping at indies already. The real challenge for me was not to pop into the tesco express behind the house for treats like biscuits, croissants or Nutella.
Basically, a week isn’t an issue, at least not where I live and when I have a well stocked cupboard. A month would prove more tricky to accomplish.

Chatting to the hosts of the Clandestine Gourmet supper club last night revealed that this was a lot more difficult in Trumpington which basically has no local shops at all. They all died when Waitrose opened. Considering Trumpington is the most affluent part of town and King’s Hedges allegedly the most deprived, I am quite happy to live in the cheap part of town.


3 thoughts on “#CamShopLocal challenge – My result

  1. really really inspiring of you to do this. buying local is something I’ve always been a strong supporter of. I work at the farmer’s amrket so it’s easy for me to get my produce there. But I still go to tesco’s for stuff like oil and sugar but you are right, there’s so many options I can explore. I’ve got quite a few corner shops round me with the friendliest most eager shopkeepers ever haha. I’m really good on the snacking front so I think I can resist the nutella and biscuits hehe. You’ve given me the push now, think I will try to start this shoppong local thing, at least for a week or sth. GREAT ONE! X

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