Lunch at Angler Restaurant

This year’s birthday extravaganza started at Angler, the fish restaurant at the new South Place Hotel where Tony Fleming is now head chef. To celebrate the occasion, The Renaissance Epicurian joined me. We had been chatting on Twitter and reading each other’s blogs for a while but only now had the opportunity to meet and a good time was had indeed, aided by Tony’s excellent cooking. To make things even more interesting, Tony had created a personalised tasting menu for each of us which was a very nice touch indeed. At Angler they concentrate on fish which was reflected in our menus. I’ll only show my menu below, you can see the other one on flickr.

Ballotine of London cure salmon
Ballotine of London cure salmon, horseradish, apple, blini (not in the photo, they came in a separate dish). Subtle, well combined flavours, with little pops of salt from the caviar. A great start.

Carpaccio of veal
Carpaccio of veal, violet artichokes, parmesan cream. The meat was very tender, I hardly needed to chew it. The extras provided interesting contrasts.

Roast brill
Roast brill, brown shrimp, capers, butter, parsley. A perfectly roasted piece of fish on the bone with excellent flavour, the brown shrimp were little meaty crunchy bits, all brought together by the butter. This was a sizeable portion but I could have had a bigger one.

Line caught cod
Line caught cod, chicken oysters, sweet onion puree, roasting juices. I still can’t decice if the brill or this was my favourite dish. The rich chicken element added to the cod rather than hiding its flavour and texture. Brilliant.

Chocolate fondant
Chocolate fondant, milk ice cream. Well baked on the outside, gooey on the inside, of course. The fresh ice cream balanced the richness of the chocolate nicely.

An excellent start to my “birthday binge”. I would also like to thank Tony and the staff at the South Place Hotel for showing me around the place. One day I will be able to afford one of those suites…


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