The Poseidon Adventure by The Clandestine Gourmet

This was the last leftover Eat Cambridge fringe event. The Clandestine Gourmet (or on facebook) had scheduled one for the 15th but had such a large number of people interested that they set up a second one with the same menu. I only managed to get in because I was on the waiting list and someone cancelled just before the weekend.
The evening turned out to be spectacular, not only in terms of the food served but also from a social point of view. As I didn’t trust the bus service to be on time during the snow, I took an earlier one and arrived a bit too early but that meant I could pick a spot at the big round table which turned out to be an excellent choice as I shared it with a baker, a painter, a patissiere, a doctor of physics and a writer. As diverse as our backgrounds were the topics of conversation. It was really good fun and also interesting. We could easily have carried on for another few hours but we sadly had to part company just before midnight. I rarely immediately click with a whole table but this evening was something special. Contact details were exchanged at the end and I’m positive we’ll run into each other again soon.
Conversation only ceased when another course was served but not for long as the ooohs and aaahs made way to comments about the food we were eating.
Ah yes, the food. Photos and short descriptions of the courses follow. I’m not really happy with the quality of the photos (mixed light sources falsified the colours) but they will give you rough idea of what we had.

Blue Lagoon
It started with a Blue Lagoon, a not too sweet cocktail, served with a bowl of mixed, freshly roasted nuts.

Scallops, buttermilk, white soy sauce, poppy seeds
This might sound slightly odd but worked brilliantly. This was fine dining restaurant quality.

Ginger Crab Bisque
Ginger crab bisque. Quite subtle as bisques go but still excellent.

"Fish and Chip", beer foam jelly, pea, tartare sauce
"Fish and Chip", beer foam jelly, pea, tartare sauce was an excellent take on the takeaway classic. Perfectly cooked fish in good batter with flavoursome accompaniments.

Red mullet, black beans, tarragon, confit tomatoes
The “main course”: Red mullet, black beans, tarragon, confit tomatoes. The fish was moist and flaky, the beans earthy with some acidity from the tomato, the tarragon working really well. My only criticism, not enough tomato.

Gin & Tonic Jellies
The palate cleanser was a Gin&Tonic jelly that packed quite a punch. Brilliant idea.

Hazelnut Cake, Toasted Almond Cream, Raspberry Sorbet
“Dessert” was hazelnut cake, toasted almond cream, raspberry sorbet. This looked huge but both the cake and the sorbet were really light. I even liked the cream despite not being really a fan of cream.

There were also fantastic truffles at the end but I didn’t get a photo as my lift home was about to leave.

The Clandestine Gourmet provides not just your usual supper club fare, this was superb, sophisticated and consistent cooking. They describe themselves as a “popup restaurant” and that description fits but with BYOB. Highly recommended.


2 thoughts on “The Poseidon Adventure by The Clandestine Gourmet

  1. Food brings people together no matter the background, no matter the country, no matter the language even, that is the beauty of it all. Fantastic food! Fantastic evening!

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