Eat Cambridge fringe: The recipes of Suzy Oakes

The next fringe event I attended was presented by Anne Prince at Cambridge Kitchens in Mill Road.
Suzy Oakes was a passionate home cook, collecting recipes from all over the world and equally passionate about her neighbourhood. Setting up the Mill Road Winter Fair was just one of her accomplishments.
Her recipes have now been collected in a book. A selection of dishes from the dishes were cooked and presented by David Underwood. These were accompanied by a wine tasting by Matt of Cambridge Wine Merchants.

The recipes of Suzy Oakes

Chef David Underwood

The recipes of Suzy Oakes

Due to the limited space, we were divided into two groups, one tasted the wine first, the other the food and then we swapped. Probably not ideal but it worked.

Wine tasting

Wine Tasting

There were freshly baked breads as well as tzatziki, rouille and aioli to dip them in.

Rouille, aioli, tzatziki

The food:

Chermoula Aubergine
Chermoula Aubergine with bulgur wheat and coriander

Piedmontese roasted peppers
Piedmontese roasted peppers with tomatoes and herbs

Beetroot salad
Beetroot salad, goats cheese, balsamic vinaigrette

Lamb main
Roast fillet and breast of lamb, roast garlic, “green paste”

Bread and butter pudding
Bread and butter pudding with prunes soaked in armagnac

Everybody happy

The recipes of Suzy Oakes


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