The spoils of a local farm shop trip

Yesterday @Cambridgelass (who is one of the organisers of Eat Cambridge) and I had a look around a few of the farm shops in Cambs, starting at Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop (where I bought the steak, potatoes, smoked garlic and chard used below as well as some eggs and cheese). Even for the time of year, their selection of vegetables was nicely varied and the butcher’s offers were great, too. It’s times like this I regret not having a kitchen big enough for a freezer because I would have loved to sample more of their wares. As it was I only came away with a ribeye steak. Our next stop was the Shelford Deli in Great Shelford. Luckily for us and without us knowing in advance, the farmers’ market was on at the Memorial Hall across the road so we had a look around there first. A market at a village hall might sound a bit odd but it worked. There was local veg, meat (including from Cam Cattle) and lots of small stalls selling other produce and things like bread, cakes and pastry. I came away with a chunk of osso buco, an Indian savoury chicken pastry thing, a chocolate/lime slice from Gourmandises and some cheese.
At the deli, I bought some bread to go with the cheese and some proper Italian pasta. The deli was very busy indeed as their lunch service had just started.
Our final stop was Burwash Manor in Barton where I bought some more veg and two curry sauces from the larder and a bottle of Montepulciano from Cozzi & Boffa where we had a good chat with the owner. He specialises in wine from small producers and if the quality of the wine I had is anything to go by, the rest of his selection will be excellent, too.

So, what did I cook? On Saturday I cooked the steak:

Ribeye steak, smoked garlic mash, chard

As I wanted the heavy fat marbling to render properly, I cooked this steak to medium and it came out beautifully tender and juicy, seasoned simply with salt and pepper. Probably the best steak I’ve ever cooked. I had roasted the head of smoked garlic and added about half of it to the mashed potato. The piece of marrow bone, also roasted, was from the piece of Cam Cattle osso buco. The rendered fat from the marrow and the resting juices made a great little sauce. The chard leaves were simply wilted in the hot pan in which I had cooked and basted the steak with butter.

On Sunday, I simmered the osso buco in a jar of medium curry base from Panjaban, adding leeks, the chopped chard stalks and sliced mushrooms:

Panjaban Veal Curry

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