Steak & Honour popup at Fitzbillies, 13/02/13

Leo Riethoff aka @steakandhonour gave up his antique Citroën van for the restaurant at Fitzbillies this evening to bring his burgers to a more civilsed setting. On offer were the classic, a cheese and a mushroom burger, sides in the shape of “Mack ‘n’ Cheese”, “Lettuce Wedges” and “Slaw” as well as “Shoestring Fries” and two desserts options by Jack of Jack’s Gelato, “Peanut Butter Sundae” and “Baked Alaska”.

The custom placemat with attached menu. Click here for a closer look at the menu.
Shoestring fries
First thing to arrive was a bowl of shoestring fries, nice and crunchy.
Cheeseburger and "lettuce wedge" with blue cheese and bacon
The main act: Cheeseburger and “lettuce wedges” with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits. Nice brioche bun, good pickles, medium cooked local beef patty (no horse here!), no fancy sauce, just American mustard and ketchup. Brilliant. The lettuce was crunchy and worked well with dressing and bacon.
Mack 'n' Cheese
The second side I opted for was a portion of Mack ‘n’ Cheese. Perfectly cooked pasta with a nice cheese crust, not gooey at all.

There was also a really nice American beer called Brooklyn Lager which was quite rich for a lager.

Despite feeling quite full, I felt the need for dessert especially as those were provided by Jack, who you might have seen with his gelato bike around Cambridge last summer. For some reason I always missed him so this was my chance to try one of his creations. I opted for the “Peanut Butter Sundae”:

Jack's Peanut Butter Sundae
This was just as decadent as it looked, with peanut butter ice cream, chocolate sorbet, whipped cream and salted caramel sauce. Nicely balanced and not too sweet.
Leo serving burgers
Here’s the man himself serving burgers.

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